Home ยป Final parting

As I am sat, but slowly see the flesh crawl;
It’s in the deception of my eyes to see so,
Gruesome as my heart weeps a great night low,
And fair in the ways of mine and slowly begins,
Gestured upon myself an unholy clown the mire,
Gazed at the endless rife but no beginnings found,
Cast myself forth the ways in which olden ways are gazed,
Because my heart was yours but only made sand,
It is a ship that floated through blood and gushed
Forth the rain whose waves of tears moved me here,
On my knees for it be my heart shattered into all pieces fine,
For it be repieced and presented once again to be broken again.
Do you have it that I shall die here on these steps?
I shall die here; yes, I shall die on these steps;
That I have climbed towards ye for what wrong I made,
That I shall never repiece my heart again and let it bleed,
To have worshipped ye but never conquered my heart for it,
Thy spear to have bled me and so shall my core thus endure,
ALAS, griefs me the pain of my parting into darkness,
Great is the pain that conceives me that the pleasure shall fade,
But for whose dainty arrow pointed but cupid fare, durst in vain;
Prevails over my conscience ere in the bane that yoke my heart deserve,
Creates that once perfection that all in hands shiver none the way,
But poison me with it all; and poison me more and soothe me once,
So that I shall be led away from these very steps and thus the world.