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Here once thus leave but great wooden ere lay,
For now I shall permit the waves take me from hence,
Here we leave towards the waves, towards the waves;
Yet minds as mine cleave my heart can never weep far,
We’re wells of our own deceit, and sink ourselves so,
Once time reminds and thus we linger here: here we shall,
That plank which we indeed bring ourselves forwards, thus;
We bring ourselves through the waves and let them travel,
Thus we travel; and make it so where we sooner lay far,
I lay unto this plank and with all dearest soon depart,
The waves that take me from the shores there towards,
Bring me towards the core of the ocean my tears apart,
The heart of my unwielding might that sights me so indeed,
Fare better away from all else and all one but none myself,
Soon towards the greatest of waves that crash me downward,
And off I go as the waters part and sooner the ocean bed awaits,
Always fertile once I was, and thus I go downward the ship that sunk,
Herein lies the ultimate secret of my undying joy the retrospect denied.

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