Home ยป Eluding to light

A mind so deep; here we delve deeper towards the dark,
There we shall dwell and bring our second thoughts arise,
The world that orbits around nothing yet so complex,
Thus our minds become more ambiguous and obscure absorbed,
Suffering in the silence that be; there we call it empathy,
We laugh because we have to appear normal to the rest of us,
We smile because there’s no other alternative than so,
Where people die from their lack of happiness thus and so alas,
Here we shall continue to smile, continues to smile; alas,
Thus expects from us the rest of the folk here we dwell, dwell;
In all hours that pass thus we sit and wonder where we were,
Thus we wander in the abyss beneath the light upon this realisation,
For that none the light never was can never more be revealed.

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