Home ยป For it be under wings flown

We are miles apart yet I am closer to you,
That through this cold does bind us this ice never melt,
Casts thy reflection upon this block does never heat,
That surely penetrates me so fine as closer do we kiss,
Through that line, and greets you in fine despair,
Sinks his head upon thy breast ere weep,
Aloud through beauty well conserved does brisk,
Those tears that his angels would weep morning,
And slowly descend; the rain that pours does wet,
That upon the seas swimming to ye in vain wrought,
Sees you, and heard my call; I want you here,
Warmth offered, and wont of Thee thy wings protect,
Shall give mine so that I may fly with ye to ye,
Does never fly close to the sun lest I burn,
Does never fly in water lest I fall in tears,
That linger in ye weeps whose parting does my wings cut,
Finally approaches ye: clothes torn; skin charred; heart wounded,
Finds ye in the arms of another and what beauty invested,
Six months since does see ye grow with thy child therein,
Would know thy child shall sink their head upon ye, not mine;
Smiles at me and bestows final kiss ere she calls for mine begone,
Walks and runs to that place once we met that sunset envy,
Thinks of ye so much; that my heart beats to implode for ye,
Where my wings now though cut do I fall from that place whence we met,
My tears never fall, ere floating and thereto ocean does become,
Falls through and weighs myself to the core; my heart flooded,
And mine eyes shut does think of thy face one last time,
Where shall my thoughts fall, as do my Life perish.