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Reeling through the ropes as found my heart untwines,
Sears through my eyes what weeps inside never coated fire,
Counts my seconds and breeds through the minutes ere the hours,
Gowns me as loud the sound these grief this darkness curdles,
The boy who studies; the girl who works; that worker who works,
That lined to determine the cause, and does determine on books,
And works to produce; never creative but only does produce,
And worker does work, who only works to only live a second more to work,
Sought through this infinite loop does make me feel like turning,
I am lost; I cannot think straight because I am not. I am not normal.
But I can’t tell people that; or I would be thrown under the shrink,
I’ll die; I’ll only sight myself to live. I’ll never die if I can live first,
The birds that sing, how they fly; why can’t I fly to them my freedom nest,
Sung ere does never the lingering my mind does creep through skin crawl,
And back and forth my daily rest impede, sounded that alarm a drone awakes,
Can no longer breathe because I am not thinking of myself to breathe,
I am only so dead because I am thinking I am living but we’re all neither,
Even the rich, how their money swims; but only money lest it decays as they,
Whence we walk and see people our age walk past us giving us them looks,
And reminds us both where we come from; and what troubles we go through,
Only does find myself curdling in the corner attempting to explain this,
Food just for now for my problems seem resolved for now; but how long?
I am only eating as him who would enlarge himself to forget,
Okay, to drink then; only so much so I can may drown under this cure,
Sounded my cries my head spawns but across the street am I silent,
Walks through the night, through the police, through the crowd, silent;
Only so alone but continues to live. What people are living for,
Life is just some matrix of numbers which we’re assigned, an equation;
We’re not living since we’re numbers; the body is just the beginning,
The parents who study eugenics to make their babies better:
Smarter, stronger, hotter; to get the girls or boys or both, and live better,
But only so they reach old age does realise death does come to claim them,
And decays us all from our flesh to bloat, our blood to smell no fond there,
Suddenly sleeps in my bed this life only so to rot before my eyes,
No idea why I’m living; life’s not a Reason to live.

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