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Darkness that sweeps on my lonely feet,
Sanctions my only cure conjure,
Hearts lost once regained twice soars ye,
Unending joy this solemn night found,
Sings softly mine ear lofty hears thy voice,
Pardons, and upon my head bades her kiss,
Enlightens and once recalled to her place of joy,
Greases mine self alack this bred heart does fly,
Forgives me, upon this gentle night springs thee,
Walks ere day ere night that lacks Her life unsound,
Pity me, and so kiss me again; but never leave me here,
There’s no need to be left; only the sorrows that be left,
Tornadoes that wrap themselves round us bring us here,
Of the pain that we feel but shall procure the pleasure within,
Does the wind only howl in vain whence slept ye by me fair,
Around me hugged and protected, our lasting love eternal,
Conjectures our love through ships sail her heart does water,
That in so ends together loving and joyous never part,
Wherein we breathe our lasting together once anew,
Happiness invoked light shines like never before,
Amid this envy does love ye,
This fossil of love does create my core at entrance ye.