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Love is always baptised in pain. I prefer the latter;
Upon that branched oak do the birds sing and fare?
And in love, looks down at me as tweeting, envy ours they;
To love is to be; and hatred myself to only hurt that my heat bear,
Signs with fire upon my heart and engraved slowly,
Though ruptured slightly slowly walks still whence water ripples,
Goodbye faring Love; no sweet kisses can keep me here,
Alas, would never yearn to leave ye; rather more time spent,
Laments at my word, and sighs of what tears there part,
Wishing and faring us as we in light part, sounded confounds,
Breathes into the water at what thought ere; abyss only breach,
That of her tears flood with blood her heart can only cry,
How much for this pain pursued shall I sue for thy Pleasure?
And awokened in my arms that lonely kiss for all and life attempt,
Though in vain, at least kissed for ours at last that eunuchs envy,
Greeted at height slowly lowered ere carried this entrance betroth,
Tears that join the waters and increase; all waters salty wherefore,
Taste and slowly, those eyes closed would never open, my heart never;
For mine closed and a lasting last kiss as the waters do part us both,
Shall meet again that our heart’s intent be joined apart this World,
So allows to consume ye the waters that sink ye this weight imposed,
This weight of thy heart does make ye sink so fast, alas my fault;
What fault wrought amid what love lost; and so you lost, made nay,
Parts and parts, to darkness that never seen again, and so amiss;
That be found thy beauty the cultivation of foundation Nature’s,
That I be found below the tree where once we kissed first birds did tweet,
Does ask myself why shall prefer I the pain over the love once had,
Those birds that do tweet and the waters that do shine the moon,
Fading; and slowly fades that shall walk and walk; oh, Love;
Once tears can only dry be so accomplished only my life expire,
Awaits Her, my Angel, before me does take my hand and sees Her,
Smiling she and finally kisses ye for us in love never broken,
For all the land and seas time surpasses never destroys us,
The life, the one shared between us; and slowly kisses the rain,
And that slowly does fade into darkness our bodies do lay,
Still feels thy love; and knowing now these birds who mourn,
Who now weep; but now Happy again once and shall always be.

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