Bound by love

Lest their ways known, it had only come to pass;
In the midst of it all, once there was but none known,
Creases the roads with tracks that stem forward,
Alas, greets them outward and once their lines great,
Thrown onto the stairs that lead them down to the core,
Towards the fray: that darkening bliss thus they tunnel,
Freight through and observed the wanders within her temple,
More she asked and thus her night then had only just begun, Read More

Pursuit of such none

Virtue of mine to dwell are none unmade,
Virtue that I shall grasp and soon keep
For mine disdain and crushes downward,
Whose greater soar did cry and weep the ways,
Gestures unknowingly to the dark but lingers,
Soon bites into the soggy sponge that I soak
Into the blood of my flesh: that flesh unwound
Beckons not for receipt in Venus my duty made, Read More

Crossroads of love

I part from thee.
My heart knows better, but neither mine;
And consumes me this drowns my heart in thee,
Tells me of all that past, and passes of thine,
Holds my hand as walking past ye gazing at me,
Sounds my heart what endurance wrought,
Feels my pain and this token of modesty faint,
Lively and my life decays my heart ye brought,
Downs all sorrows into the abyss thy presence taint, Read More


Thus she says,

Alas beckons, alas she weeps;

If not for mine,
He encircles;

I can be very fond, but also the ice that breaks,
But melts, because she can only withstand it, Read More


Twice lit the night aspires greater,
Fine this; the shaken Earth fair,
Motions forward from the dark, whispers;
Follows through and suddenly vanishes,
This he stirs and begins a step inward,
For whilst his heart be gestured ere laid,
And soon upon his own did light besot,
His own thoughts stirred, and soon left
As for sure he lingers but journeys ahead,
But alas, remains in the darkness again;
Thus sees the light and shuns all but himself,
Soon curdles beneath the moon and thinks.

Shifting worlds

At some point a sign turns and so will I,
The drastic moment of truth once evaded
Soon fades and the mind within only stirs,
Whose shallow touches at the corner cower,
Where the shadows once I look deeper gone,
But later I find myself walking alone again,
At that same place at the same time yet,
With only little money and so I travel,
To an unending darkness that swept me,
Thus shrinks and kneels before it,
Forgets the whole world and all,
Closes his eyes; deafened now,
Wishes another world fare,
To take him away there,
And back again.

Fleeting away

Neither was never the sore thumb stood,
Shattered in the ways that humbly trod,
Gained in its wary host did he shook,
But not for none but greater leave found,
Gestured towards the waves that slowly wave,
Soon besot the lasting ship that hither sway
And towards the fog thus breathes the new air; Read More

For silence

It becomes silent abrupt, all known ere sunk,
Steeped in the ways, surely made a closer look,
Mine eyes that wander through the cages of my body
Seek to liberate my senses at the cost of my sight,
That falls on the floor my falling conscience weep,
Thus weep, for nothing in the world can comfort silence
Upon which we shake the tremors that cry our name once,
Then whisper it again as we fall into the foray alack;
Brews again another laugh with his mates then sinks again,
So that once it’s dark and all enclosed thus I be whole again.

Ere Life expire

From whence hath shun the poison thus they stir,
Too great was not the light from which none fare,
Bestows unto themselves a wreath of leaves burnt;
A wreath of leaves once poison that we shall tear,
That once we tear shall we imbue the blood within,
That once we succumb to ourselves thus we share, Read More


Whilst enrooted in that Earth from whence I sprung,
Shunned once the cold but hither daily erelong grew,
Speaks a wonder thousand whence my stem fair and just,
Weeps a seeping cold that buzzes through me but chill,
Soothes me a fettering home within my bosom a heat soared,
Feathered long and once their days at end thus their nights,
Shall continue to grow and thus my bosom expand the petals reach,
Shall drink from the water that nature hath given me but half made, Read More