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Within the shadows ye lay and quietly await my approach hither,
No sooner than thy black wings that surround complexion ye,
There through the forest that glistens from rain come forth,
Across the lake there remains a shadow in my light at me hence,
There I shall look behind and behold from my white one contrary;
A swan of all the pitched dark; of all the feathers none the darker,
Within her eyes a star that glows; a subtle feather so white glares,
Thus brings me towards her, my white of light shall bring her here,
Comforts her in all that may: to behold the beauty of darkness shroud,
Brings her wings forth, set mine eye a curse for what vexed sight known,
Beckons my name that sours the plants and emboldens the light on me,
Cast my rays of light unto ye that shall thy spirit be lighter than I,
Fares the rest and sooner gazes at my countenance, what match prefixed,
Hither we fly together towards the utmost top of the mountain high,
Hither we bond the snow that befalls us yet still we stand valiant,
Adorned by a crown of branched olives that shall bless us this day,
From this Earth we depart towards the Sun and bring ourselves joyous,
That within the core of the Sun as the core of my heart more hotter dear,
Upon thy wings thus kiss and for the black in ye be the new Sun my life hold,
To fly amongst all that glow and hence betrothed ourselves life anew,
That to ascend towards the gates of Heaven and in greatest moments fare,
For it is in God we replace as KING and QUEEN of love eternal hence we be,
Amortise the splendours of the creation made, to be more the harmony great,
But none other than to deepen our resolve, thus we fly beyond and better,
Together as one, as our hearts complete thus consummate in the light of gold,
Sheathe a thorn so large that on our wings becomes golden enough for us to adore,
That poison once had for one another, that rose did stem itself and blossom thus,
Towards the greatest of spheres; to that which had made God and thus we depart,
Beyond the World; beyond the Universe; beyond the Heavens; still avowed ourselves,
That none Venus shall in vain dispute our love; that we beyond love share more,
Greatest of these, the stars we can all see: every single one of them here,
I shall create a star as big as the Universe out of thee and within it my Love
Transpire a thousand miles from ye to the core thereof and burn bright for ye,
As great my heart, though for now erelong we rest in this lonely lake in the dark,
While the light sleeps, so shall we not for long we shall gaze,
Our lives intertwined with one another, as do our necks. How soft we are!
The two swans at bay, as we; so shall the greatest of my heart breathe again,
Thus when posterity looks hither we shall be remembered for what harmony procured.

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