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Thus she says,

Alas beckons, alas she weeps;

If not for mine,
He encircles;

I can be very fond, but also the ice that breaks,
But melts, because she can only withstand it,

I am only lost in the darkness, where is he?
He is here.

But of God,
Only so equal as to your heart,

Though called, but both arrive; not from darkness,
From darkness, he approaches slowly you.

Feels me, but I cannot sense it.
One sees darkness, but never feels it.

Two may; only for us to know each other more,
Fear me not, darkness is thy only ally now,

I asked for God again, yet so not arrived yet,
She calls for God again; I hope he hears this time,

As broken are we, falls into ye,
Yes, fall into me, no fear; I am here.

Pities me, but only closer;
He’s closer, but is she?

Closer to darkness, closer to you,
I am what’s all around: darkness,

But what are you, so darkness?
Man by fact; wolf by night,

So faintly breathes into me,
He faintly breathes into you slow,

Only to say I love you so,
For he loves you so does give eternal life,

At first bled, so drinks me,
Can never see the virgin, without temple built,

Enters forth, and sees you,
There towards, shaken; but unmoved,

Walks, but seen that no light conjure him;
As life only so simple but love; my lips praised,

Diminishes us, and faintly goads,
Weeps at thy touch, what I am;
Only us, but only so alone.


This is an experiment in writing two-part poems which include two narratives. The first line indicates one narrative; the second another.

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