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Lest their ways known, it had only come to pass;
In the midst of it all, once there was but none known,
Creases the roads with tracks that stem forward,
Alas, greets them outward and once their lines great,
Thrown onto the stairs that lead them down to the core,
Towards the fray: that darkening bliss thus they tunnel,
Freight through and observed the wanders within her temple,
More she asked and thus her night then had only just begun,
A bundle of her wares now but her lasting love who could not,
Ample was he who could not step onto the train as she did,
Done was the date and the love once had the night before,
But not forever, as there was jsut this as the beginning,
Hid she her tears but succumbed as one by one it fell,
Bore her sobs that once her love delivered a kiss unto her still,
Finding the ways in which love an soothe the cure but not the loss,
Lo, dwell; casts his lips upon hers that begs the question of love,
There they feel what passage lost would now be gained as time neared,
Though accost the time that near, soon the train had to depart,
At one last kiss did the doors of the train separate them both, alas;
Feared as her heart would break, touched the door, her legs be shaking;
Her blood had clot with every metre the train moved, of hers first the heart,
Amassed her own courage, knowing she shall see him again and watched him there,
Faking a smile did he slowly motion whence the train motions,
Heard her declaration of love and soon droops for all he known to dear,
Where the love that no distance speaks, so shall it leave them at best.

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