Death and the Maiden

The great God has appointed Death to task, upon His Exercise a mask equipped for spoils that only fear himself. Slowly approaches the depths of the world, Nature cowers, Her chest tightens. All light perished, soon His command given. Treads lightly as all roses with every stem soon buckle and the strength sapped to serve Death’s alack. Brings resole further as he travels round the world where that lady in waiting lay in wait with the last few moments in the longest breaths she can inject into herself. Looks round her, as buried her youngest on her bosom; a cry that descends into weeping, frantic for a man to hear as her husband adjourned all feelings bottled and only blames his God for all. But too does Death know all this and cried for so long in eternity that God had ripped his glands from his eyes lest his tears extinguish those fires of hell and seal the injury that God hath made. Read More

Silent embrace

Secret to the heart that might make,
Haunts a whisper with firm delight dared,
Feared the chance that might be,
Solely returns into a new world again,
Back from the stars and once it shatter
Soothes a way that road once darkened lit,
Cast my last kiss into the darkness; Read More

First love

Soon I will walk in sea that will take me to land and back again. So long was the hour that awaited a final tick that concluded with a final tock whence the clock that stops the flow; it shall truly stop the curdle of my blood once its evening grew. Then I shook my hat where the snow had fell, delivered myself at Nature’s door and hear a knock once the trees had parted. Read More

Dark whispers

Arose from the night she in her sleep disturbed
Walked steady and with heart heavy ere rested,
Whispers in the night, here and there astound,
Whence she in her right none the source ne’er found,
Where again looks her left but only fails,
Breathes a new air from among darkness hails,
Gestures towards her, but with hewed motion
Alights her seat despair with love’s potion; Read More


Or from whence his cause be known,
Lest b’effected by entrance be closed,
Silently waits, all stirs; whispers thrown;
Nearer to him a bench whereupon he sits,
Thus posed, like petrified; but still in woe,
Counts the beats y’heart, a wanton bespoke: Read More

Virtue regained

Given myself to hers in Virtue ye sake,
Dared pass through the old wood once deigned,
His greetings sink but only his virtues fake,
As daring for the way in reproach he laid,
Branded my soul with an ever tighter mark
That grieves even the tree forbidden its bark, Read More

In Her cradle y’Fate

Ye Fate that scours within the silence proud,
Far fetched from mine but grasped along fare,
Give reprieve for all words ere spoken what lack;
Shuns Reason and adjourns Liberty for Justice mere,
Cast away both light and darkness for neither stood,
In the midst of all that calls my name hither sound,
Alack, grieves me not for her approach in finest hour Read More