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Arose from the night she in her sleep disturbed
Walked steady and with heart heavy ere rested,
Whispers in the night, here and there astound,
Whence she in her right none the source ne’er found,
Where again looks her left but only fails,
Breathes a new air from among darkness hails,
Gestures towards her, but with hewed motion
Alights her seat despair with love’s potion;
That fair figure once he stood only shadow,
That solemn sight she held alas narrow;
Grieves yet, slowly turns, faster runs; her heart
Beats the drum that summons for cupid’s dart,
Further looks; the darkness that her pities,
With one lamp her darkest way light parried,
When oft the light flickers whilst darkness fade,
How so her heart blinks whence her beckons bade,
Sounds that whisper abrupt now become noise,
Of the soul that shall leave her in state poised,
Again lo, frees from bonds ones that shook her,
Stares at the mirror her right eye that dare
Reveals once more the lost figure pronounced
In Venus claim her love stood now announced.

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