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Secret to the heart that might make,
Haunts a whisper with firm delight dared,
Feared the chance that might be,
Solely returns into a new world again,
Back from the stars and once it shatter
Soothes a way that road once darkened lit,
Cast my last kiss into the darkness;
Where it shall sink deep towards the ocean
Once she bears, so she bears – that she bears,
Here relapses and sees again the known light,
There fades into black a single candle rubbed,
The wax discoloured; my soul soon worn tired,
Returns to bed again enchained by promises of love,
None free but greases my heart with more compliments,
Soon three and it be born my heart distilled,
Runs once more with the child whither pale or no,
Turns back and finds my past washed away into ruin;
Looks forward to see that to my horizon had lay bare
To the sun; found itself under her flames, alas,
Finds herself in the darkness again, and again.

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