Darkness unbinding

That those stars upon they shine darkness enshroud ever awhile,
Yet sober and calm in harmony Just,
Longing, and adornment of their Establishment through hither gaze,
Casts my soul through their light forth,
Shall be sought and touched, only erelong behind my touch arrest,
And gives my own envy of mine alone,
That of the planets sole create, what eyes these stars ere mentioned,
Harmony; for only Harmony Nature prolongs,
Pleases me the night in the sky of abyss, upon Her shining light do expire,
That of Her palpable Globe that shines in my Heart, Read More

Grief unto mine

There only feigns this lightning shook, that upon Her brow shook,
Smiles through entirety what flower possessed yet mine only brief,
Slowly the petals whereof only so vivid can conjure this like upon there,
Whose blooming made mine ripe upon Her gaze ever aloud,
Approaches and feels of the flower offered I; yet not all flowers bloom,
Am only a rose so fair that to be touched is to be bled first; though whereso? Read More

Silent tempest

Whereat my tempest stayed through hence exhaust,
Beats lingered upon mine that shock my frown depart,
Long since when ghastly tail struck my days cease,
For mine at large this night surrounds this mountain there,
Though may not seem this shall fall awry,
Only before my leaves wither and my bark sufficed ere cut,
Sings to me this Nature mine from whence my Conscience lay,
Solely downed by sounding drums from skies above this grew, Read More

Darkness in me

Casts my darkness lingers through gaze’s blind,
That my utter evil fine undress a fairer sight,
Astound by presence there what cares disallow,
Yonder breach bless the evening my curtains close,
Although seen and yet perform ere my hour drawn,
Presents fair feats in mating stood, of what gown shone,
Wilts aback, breath still, light fades in myriad clause avow,
Mine on avarice mistook this green that feigns once withstood,
That for the greater sire brings me forth closer to you, Read More

Sailing away

Imbues myself with fairer shine, whose smouldering eyes set sail,
Adorns my skin deep his tender words offered does shiver me make,
That burns there for common man extinguish yet I not my heart charred,
Though beating and only so closer this flame aroused my soul is razed,
And climbs with you through Everest where bitter cold never conceal us,
Tells you what closer we are; thy demon inside kept me from sleep erelong,
That for our skins to touch shall erupt all inside whence whereof I bleed,
Brings me to conclusion last how much longer I can stay without burning, Read More

Underwater sanctum

Awoken these shores distant where wind soars seas wept,
Fairly found only gazed whether aside through the ocean,
Descended and found worlds greater.

Soundly, made through ultimate blue hither forth reveal,
Whence lie; all matter lived wherewith short sight frail,
Closes my eyes as enjoyed step wrought. Read More

Wandering bird

She wanders round ere flies above her wings apart sounds the faintest for all her loneliness darts. Grieves the passing of wind and sun to foray there: none the sight but of trees whose leaves only fared. Once that chime they blessed the nests whom upon sat The greatest of her cares that bring all joy hither. ‘Tis new life given for another the sun risen thus. Gestures again the feathers that dusts the old, and old; Brings thee the charm but slowly whence blood that boil ere heat soar for children be food but threaten there at bay. Grasps the last of all she may the sound that seeps in;- none but the bird alone to save her kind; Read More

Skeletal love

Through the darkness and back stare they dance,
Death spawns and the life through all therein retreat,
Giving the darkness the last breath of life ere converted,
And by that greeted sorrow and eyes for mine betrayed,
Sent by they through this thin air unto mine breath halt,
Alack this blood congeal; alack this heart faintly halt,
Yet am alive still though these maggots deny and contradict, Read More