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Silence and Darkness are virtues mine once resolved
Whose footsteps as Silence approaches; a mute bird,
Alas; my dear and Fairest, greet me not through words
But through motionless and petrified as stood ere me render,
Deliver those kisses unto me, and rupture my voice more,
More that my heart no longer speaks the love,
More my voice sinks into blood that only I suffer inward,
Let that rope once tied into my heart slowly ashen
That none but tears mine shall mould them words unknown;
Fares the calm sea well thee, my perilous journey begins,
Sooner mute but greatly measured my sweeping sight blurred
For wings thine once they sheltered me from rain and ray
Shall soon count the seconds of my passing into darkness.
No more the light to soothe me as once it had before,
No more the heat from rays illumined by thee to elude me
A life of light and by itself draw me into the ways none.
Alas, alas no more; there just lingers in me a Silence mute,
For whom may but mine own mind understand mine own sorrow?
Sat beneath Silence’s spouse hence called Darkness beckons,
Unable to see Him, no longer able to call Him: lost,
Though, never did I nor others never knew how the two;
We are only so much in light that we are blinded,
Whilst we marry darkness for a tender blindness;
For more potent than heroin, at least no pain never felt,
As to be blind and to see dark are strangers more
Who bore the deformed light and gauged eyes fine that wept,
Bears her child the mother Silence and Darkness reign,
Beckons me forth to join them more a family retained.