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He enjoyed the ignorance once known, and to have known nothing gave him the happiness to be ignorant more. Make me do; effect me so. For at youngest continues to graze the seeds of his youth under a soil of fertility; water of life; and sun for the lasting heat and light that drives his heart in momentum as his ire be gazed. Sooner grasps the first tools to prove his worth, and his father now in rest continues on the road alone with friends once he ganged now leaving for separate ways away. Realising that only solitude to help him work, and ought to be but never ought for a sanctum praised than the home he dreams with the warmth to conceal his thoughts better than the head of the wildest man.

Make hearth twain that shall never was for it was unearthed the item faint that was sought. He grasps that hair from there linger brew but adjourns the hour for a silent moment grew. Bound in haste but stopped awhile earnest, trodden in the mud but sunk as Nature sees. Sees the moments heretofore his life granted; the colours once were fading to black and white: no more the heat of red, nor radiance of gold. Essence of roses smelt and lavender soon dried, and mint finally became a leaf to be soiled; and neither sinuses nor lungs can fathom its potency but only the despair.

To his chest now, and with only arms reaching for the moon so bright did lack the ropes to catch. And for every man to catch his moon, lest the Star he finds be the star he shall be. In all hope shrink, this fair way that originates the precious doctrine of where we were and whence we go effects a final glance at next morning sun glow. Glimmer and blinds all past, ere he realises to his neck and only forearms the object dry. Slowly with strength that conjured both muscle and bone to live, unearths himself from the womb grated by thunder, rain and water: a life anew astound. All things warm now seemed cold; once cold and now sunk beneath the sun rising as white the lunar that bows down to the figure crawls into darkness. Provoked by new life and great freedom, paces round the sanctum of his once-death; collects flowers and fruits and kisses each other to bring to his mates. From whence he came to danger, and forward from hence moves from that risk by which risk made Him a better man. To have only used a path to reach the glory of Destination; and soon returns home and explains to his peers what could’ve happened but never; it was only with due embarrassment lest others know that he made the risk and his life responded to forfeit. Begins the walk to the table and sat, his eldest son sat beside with only warm bread; looks right to his father and sees for the first time a smile that his father uttered. “I’m glad to be home.” “We always want you to be home, dad”. Nature delivered a final smiled and soon moved on where the mountains stood that hide Her gaze from unwisely eyes. Returns they to conversation, but no word afforded by man hath made; having gone through more his life and more his death than neither could battle for the shadow be raised.

No sleep could provide rest; no food satisfy the hunger; nor liqueur that provoked by thirst once it quenched. But surely provoked by sweet desire to love his kind and remember the boundaries upon which is lay. The darkness softly spoken and soon obeys where folk hear of the journey our man made. Could only apologise or utter ‘cool’; a broken piece can only never fix another broken piece. But these broken beings who read and write exhaust an emotion and look through their window and see a view but wander outside their window and sees a mirror that reveals one road to take, and all else covered in darkness. What be seen shall never be seen; what is to be known will only be known. That is the road to take once a risk is the desired route. While time mended errors; no errors can never mend time. That as he grows and sees, does he become more knowledgeable but spiteful and rages anger at others whilst weeps in silence he. The man’s iceberg melts with a warm glow from his sensitive heart; for love he fears and lust he envies, soon melts that ice whence the ocean of despair raises that newborns weep as they are baptised from the same but made holy for as God the will it shapes and condemns men to their silent suffering. Weeps so as the world is too unbearable for what his greatest Eve tempted Man upon that Forbidden Tree hath conceived the delight of their misfortunes. Walks one by one through the seconds that pass the hour, and tells a man what he ought to be a man and shall embrace as a man: one another. For it is our stubbornness that will kill us once; but it is our hearts that shall kill us twice. Men thought in knowing the ways of the world seek to use any means and object to garner their hatred and so hate themselves for whatever failures they pride. Comes back to hearth and wife only effecting her life as she sees fit. For no control here, but with words spoken all became clear. Though words only brief, as the man has seen enough, and heard enough and tires from the love he is gifted; delivers unto himself more bottles of wine, more cans of beer. Once he walks, all reality delimited by his own; all sense diminished and no longer sees himself as the bed invites him to loneliness and covers him in a rage that sings of roads ill turned.

For the years gallop hastily and gallantly effect the man slower and grey, still heart full of anger but lost in love and powered with sadness still moves ahead and finds the same place he sank that grew him into a man. Once he looks back, he finds himself young again; and all that once were had only been what he wanted it within the last seconds that kiss the lips of the innocent and sweep through the ages with solemn hope that this breeze bring honour once again.

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