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Where I escape from everyone and everything; where only silence serves as companion⁠⁠⁠⁠
it would feel as though you’re either floating up to the stars or sinking into the earth as the rain pours. Then after a moment you take a deep breath and open your eyes, only to notice people staring at you not knowing what it is you were doing or thinking. Leaving your space in that open field, you realise the moon suddenly clouded and all fails into grey. At that point you droop your head in subservience to they, and from Nature away. But then you look behind, and see the moon slowly walk away as well. Parted have you both become, the lightning that strikes heart thine now seeps a wound. Give me a drop of one that I bless the rose, for upon her lips those words uttered that shape my heart cross and fro; this rose that once I knew and slowly bed gives me way in direction towards.

Let that tear give me energy more electric than lightning. Let Nature’s recall to paradise made give reprieve to Hers unmade. That once I pick this rose I shall I from it the thorns that once I bleed shall borne me pain ere poisoned. Awhile sat I under dark sky where all stars fade, so shall I fade into that all same. This poison now I carry that great so I hold in my body; my blood blacken and sulk at the flesh. Whose point and dare to fly but bears the chair once I see the dark no more as never the darkness gave respite. From blood and more blood but to this poison no avail made me the poison I injure. All else turns from me hereon: friends, family, everyone. We’re all alone with only poison and silence our closest friends. This poison hardly speaks but only motions; and this silence only breaks with my softest weep. Fine I shall die, but shall die loving ye and once I bring myself alive in your bed, I shall deliver another kiss that will absorb those tears deep.

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