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I part from thee.
My heart knows better, but neither mine;
And consumes me this drowns my heart in thee,
Tells me of all that past, and passes of thine,
Holds my hand as walking past ye gazing at me,
Sounds my heart what endurance wrought,
Feels my pain and this token of modesty faint,
Lively and my life decays my heart ye brought,
Downs all sorrows into the abyss thy presence taint,
Speaks my name and in my ear whisper pleasure sound,
Tears that back held unto me do crease my skin fair,
Beats so softly and worships the sound what ye downed,
Forgets all mine; I dare not; exhales softly, why dare?
I have not loved until ye; but only our parting Venus frowns,
And slowly moves to our peril, and sings of all times had,
Lives; she lives and made thee the idol that may replace,
Leaves, what bear my heart that thy words do displace,
And hopelessly weep through the world what ere begot,
Slowly dies, as dies all fair; but never afforded forgot,
Griefs thy parting for I man am only so not the one,
Quietly walks, the leaves beneath do sound thereupon,
And waters them that they may bloom and grow,
That of theirs; so that they may bloom and know,
Once grown and known, and coming hither kisses,
Upon the ground ere I walk towards the sun amiss,
That burns me and the sun so shun meanwhile transform,
Watches ye from above as tears evaporate thy looks deform,
Wishing to be at thy bed to comfort ye as tears fall as rain,
That I shall write this so tenderly my hands shake ere I abstain,
Thy touches are what truly shake me; they are earthquakes in me,
Gives thee that vengeance, solemn and dear, and anger robs me,
Simply put that I cannot say I love you so, for more the stars envy,
Beheld thee in my arms, and their smiles only so tranquil as mine enfer,
Meanwhile cries as the banshee who wanders and weeps, what felt,
And scorches my soul what torments effected that joins ye.
Speak no more, I feel thy sorrow; but this sorrow is only greater of mine,
And my fire that burns, shall burn us both; defies all worlds and thine,
Sweetly said thy words indeed tender and does shake me likewise,
How much I’ve loved you and given all I offer my heart, but does stop.
Believes in ye, but my heart cannot endure our pain; for it is glass that breaks,
Nay; thy heart is no glass, but diamond and can withstand me and mountain,
Take this ring ours, as passed to ye what remains I offer now last, sleeps;
And awakens, but only so pained that I must give him what last offered,
Only so wretched and broken, that I must now live with nothing. Nothing.
Breaks my heart to tell how I regret loving ye, never cares what writes ye,
Reads carefully but stairs walked down and seeing ye but knowing this,
Requires none of thy wares and declares what ye left me now does weep,
Feels no sorrow for me for in my time of need hinders none what I could heed,
Loneliness erupts that shall part us for the ends, and repeats to us,
That shall force Nature to rape me my sorrows frowned that ghastly stepped,
To ye, my womb is only an object; but my womb is my temple ye alone enter,
Therein am the host and so obey me carefully these words didn’t ye hinder,
Alas, what man is there but two? To only see one man in ye is foolish,
One of ye that does love me; and the other does contrary, isn’t it?
I shall leave you a thousand times more that we shall reunite and break,
And break ye further; for I have been destroyed to the single ash that remains,
But all women love men; but we all love each other for we feel all the same,
And weeps for ye to leave; what is it that one should just love one and only?
To ask for a relic under the ocean, is it truly impossible to find but me?
For I do love ye and all blessed in me to say that we ought to love forever,
Douses ye of all from that ocean, wakes ye from that dream of pleasure,
For the only pleasure that shall only exist is one between us as gold endure,
And so what says ye to show what love is; and make me weep my own death?
I shall die for mine; what loss for thee is only my mistake of what Nature here,
To have wished we love and our hands only to touch in our beds slowly die,
Kisses thee and holds close to my chest as all what joys conjure shall erupt,
And sweetly holds you, and brings thee here to our own chamber fan,
For never this weeps for never denies this love nor what we are together,
Breathing, oh Man; I still breathe but would never fall for this issuance,
Awaits the taxi wherefrom called an hour since, can not dismiss ever;
Why the pleasure shall become pain, that my life be our death for all,
And slowly parts from ye whereas the shocked brow does ensue,
Curdles myself in lasting warmth here and thinking deliberate,
The soul I endure only merged with ye erewhile shall now part,
My first and only argument made; that wanted to stay, but nay,
Into darkness fades, and so does my heart, to ashes,
Tortures my heart this encaged and breaks free,
Breaks from thy web of demise whose kisses are venom to my soul Free.
And so free, and beats only slower,
So distant and endured, so far from thee;
Consummates our love as consumed the darkness in hate,
But to hate thee is only to love thee again and say again what ye meant for me,
Consumes me of what love brought, and wrought for our souls unite,
Can live only so far ere I die, and knows thee in memory as once breathed,
Descends from heaven my dead parents to take me upward into God,
And explain to Him diligently of what broken here, that He shall weep more,
And tears of His that flood me and this room, and of the produce in me,
That once born can only inherit not an iota of Happiness as of ye,
That shall rain upon my life and this World so all parts,
So be it, for the abyss is only my family now, empty,
Awaits the train upon here I reach and hands exchange.
But the sound thereof only thy terror reached; is mine,
And only weeps of this parting forever never be seen,
Who would of two lovers linger here, no more;
We are finished. I can no longer love ye, regardless;
Weep more, and let thy face flush red and this lesson learnt,
Of both ours, and Nature and the World are eternal school,
Through the library pick a book of Love or Faith and read:
What ye have broken, let fate now decide thy own life.
But, now simply reading all this so many years past,
What fool ye but upon thy grave now stood and weeps,
Leaving you to effect thy own death what loneliness I brought,
And dies, myself only so finely shaped for tears to roll,
What read here and found again, what regret;
And slowly kneels that on thy gravestone, forgives Man;
All men, what cruelty they impose on the Lady,
But the latter stronger for She endures,
As Mary endures her only Son,
As shall I endure what pain here,
For a thousand nights daily penance here,
And reads for what longed, and my life taken never,
Words.. just words that linger in me,
To have only forgiven as Her,
Our son so grown and remembers ye,
Punishes us both for all this,
That I had parted from Thee,
Still loves ye and remains thy Only:
Only my heart stalwart before pain,
And strong, and brings thee closer,
Gambles They who love, worse we Win;
But much Worse they lose,
And slowly dies, shall lie beside ye,
That to ascend to Heaven Sees ye ours Unite,
For second marriage there.
And so together walks,
Shall we as one Remain.

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