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Theirs the poison once it was err the winds that shine,
And bless the cups of mountain brew the ease done fine,
Green the eyes hers that double the sweet;
Breathes an air just for luck mine did beat,
For flowers great the petals over veins so blue,
That sap so royal pulses at my touch, such a hue
Where the blood escapes the abyss of her domain,
There my hairs that caress the skin what pain did feign,
Here languishes for a cool wind and slow sun away,
Summons the night her heart as slow but warm in day
Soon cools the fever y’mine across the hills my chest
That rocks with waves of tears whose paths chewed in fest,
Err that softness the silk cannot but roughness burn,
Scowl once that nape whence more I cower that seed the fern,
Beckons the pale that light reflect for mine so too did mine did blind,
Echoes that deceptive phosphene the way hairs move eclipsed,
Drinks again from the glass hence called love and more
Follows the path to eternal glory there ere once returned.