Home ยป A distant path recalled

A time ago I wandered through an old broke
Almost blocked how so the rocks came through,
At last parted all my strength the stones lo,
That once I saw them gushing these very trinkets
Soon gazed sight’ly the eyes that shine below,
Hence the bright sun that flickered and once now
Gave reprieve for all wings alight my fair few
Who at once sat and let all gaze in utmost dare,
Gestured a horizon that walked slowly me towards,
Lifted her gaze and all leaves that bow estranged
For they only caused my tears as did lotus effect,
Fair shine my days calm once the warmth receded
Into a heart fair shine and embraced the flesh
Once cold but suddenly well made to heavenly graze,
Brought through the fish that swum towards the sun,
That glisten into the once-blocken stream that pass.
Where soon I saw behind me the darkening field,
And once more turned to an everlasting happiness.

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