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For parted he the reflection left
And grieve the refraction reft,
Bring the lead stemmed all from way,
Her womb once the cord cut she lay,
Beknownst to him the first lesson
Whence cry that known must walk hasten,
Cannot crawl evermore long that ere crawl,
So too run and hydrate not from hers but Hers,
Never for none never nor neither never sorrow,
Nor neither the cold that sting bite the sore,
Just as never the more greater heat never bore,
Since those times past and now only memory fade,
None to cry from lesson first, but proud bade,
For we walk the road still clear but tread,
As stones we pass can roll and so we trip,
But for friends and family shall prevent a dip,
Yonder another life that carry to teach him,
Thy sons and daughters that cry their first
Instinct but smile again and Nature’s hurst
Better reels them from the abyss into us,
Snaps that string again but only tucks silent,
Delivers a first kiss and calls by name,
Thy name here, but only just the name to her,
Only by flesh so recognised; by smile fared,
And once she is carried by Nature to nether,
Still walks ye with one anew to carry another.

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