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I am neither darkness nor light, neither am I black nor white;
Nor good neither am I evil, no motion nor notion wrept is cause;
Gay nor straight neither; neither sexual nor asexual;
Neither human nor alien. Am only what am seen to be.
I am not even walking nor running, but so motionless here.

I am only of East and also of West.
I am either God or Her Messengers.
I am all angels and Devils wherein I embrace both.
Thus I create and punish, as all ways do.
For can be blind and omniscient, only so.

Darkness withers, so clouds me; breathes silent,
Walks and runs in me there towards, faint;
Sleeps well but none for mine accustomed,
Neither there nor here, just nothing:
Only nothing; for am only not for thine.

Throws me into the light there I shun,
Collapses and parts; rays once shun now dead,
Amplifies, that upon my heart shines exhalt,
Brings me closer to the paling star falling,
And though heavy gives light my tender strike.

So that once fallen into my hands and dark,
Given to ye what might have been midway fast,
Swallows all the stars that I shall become so,
Shines thy day; and lights path by night,
When the ghost arrives, he shall resound.

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