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He buys her diamonds and rubies whose red hardens her blood,
Is adorning her so well with all she ever yearns.
All she wants; her lover is a genie whose bottle revealed a man tremor,
And a gentleman indeed, so so handsome, Read:
I once had her in love with me. Gives me grief to write, thine to read;
Only not rich, but could only offer her poems and love.
Could only offer her a piece of paper with words written on it, so sweet,
Says she; read but never knowing the contents therein.
Only words greater than their instinct, she bleeds me that only so bled,
Can have haemophilia only my heart bleeds aeviternal,
And die from all blood lost, and invested therein to all her jewels: ruby…
Why so thy name respects, but no more human, no more…
Approaches you gently and cast aside sudden. What words offered, gone.

Breathes death as bred her luxury upon hers consume,
Sautes her jewels that upon my skin do I burn fierce,
Gowns herself with his wares and clothes offered, oh;
I only satisfied her, but can a man only go so deep?
So deep either in heart or womb, only either shall bleed;
I had the former. But now I have lost the former.
He is rich; he is well-endowed, and how powerful, for he is truly so;
Enough so of all to erase me from her memory for all life, and death;
I have no money to do such; It’s easy to say I wouldn’t do the same.
No weeping could compensate; no one would weep for the lonely wolf.
Should howl through the night my sorrow that my love had left me for him.
Should fight him with bare hands; though he too accelerates in strength.
Should poison him, but only his many lawyers could find me guilty soon,
Nay, let be; my heart weakens. I only accept my place herein, a slave.
Never rich, nor poor; no one. No where only to seek comfort.

But time heals my wounds, woman. Time has healed me, and bloated ye;
What charm and beauty ye once had, where now?
To bring thy monstrous self to surface, what horrific image my eyes grant,
Walks towards me, tears all round thy face and weeps and bows, pity.
To tell me how sorry you are; because your ‘lover’ died?
For great Reason can money never buy thy happiness nor his.
For greater Reason that beauty not in thy jewels and makeup?
Embraces they the inner selfs of others shall forever be beautiful; truly,
Satisfies thee with final kiss upon thy red and fattened lips, never the same;
How many men have kissed thy lips ere this Nature punishes ye?
I spit on the ground, for I regret kissing you.
For I shall regret everyday of my life losing myself to you: heart and virginity,
That I shall curse all day the hours spent with ye; ere left, only torn as smiled ye.
Remember? Pity could never forsee the future.
That big member ye once thought had possessed, only decaying now,
In that mansoleum? But no place for ye in his coffin, dear; all full…
Once my friend he; once my fiance ye; once human me. Once the world heaven ours,
Sings those birds that spring finally rolls, and a new year rises anew;
But no new year can ever bring solace: neither to I, nor ye.
To the nursing home, ye say? Nothing left for ye? I understand, see:

He took my home and job decades ago, as well as you and my car;
He took all I had in the name of the Law, but could never afford a lawyer.
Not now anyway, but I could have if I knew; but you knew but never said.
You’re a banshee now? Do banshees tear their flesh when crying so loud?
Alas, my once known; I do not know you. Size zero is only megasize now.

Walk with me, I’ll take you to the nursing home and we will see.
I have my own place. I live alone, and sufficiently rebuilt my life.
Though ruined, and only one life I have; but so broken death was here.
Spoke to me so quietly: Doug, please just end thy life and end this.
Leave the past, and leave thyself and rejoin better people with us.
But I ignored; I only so ignored for many years before Death left me.
But my time wanes, my dearest; I am old. I have never loved anyone else.
Though you could apologise an infinity times, it will never sooth me.
Though you could kiss and caress me, it’s only a remnant of the charm destroying ye,
That in this rain should supposed be baptising our once sought love?
Was not our first kiss before this stormy night, as rain flooded us;
As rain did flood my heart as did yours, but one of ours did get flushed..
That the next morning a cold blizzard flew awry that chilled ye so,
Never knowing so naive I was and that my friend had betrayed me so,
And knowing that never could ye have sided with him, wrong was I;
Weeps my heart still to this day; the rose did lose all its red petals.

We’ve walked this far, and so far I stay; but so far we part,
For all the worlds we’ve travelled, and the minds corrupted,
So that in all paths crossed, does bid thee final farewell.
I give my heart to you. Don’t ever give it back to me.
I will never love you again, I swear it; and will never look back.
As I walk you attempt to shout back at me, but can only hear;
You’re old now, you can’t scream that loud anymore, not again.
Do not weep as I walk away. You’re no siren either, never possessed;
Reader, do not give this siren heart. Do not cry for her, how easy it is…
Pity us all, but what I have lost I could never describe how large.
Her sound so faint, but so is my life. Yes, I still love her.
That to walk another metre would mean to unplug my heart, so gush;
In bed, and sleeps and dreams. As all images and memories appeared,
All of them; of what could have been. A family together, she still wondrous,
And I a happier man; and could have had grandchildren now in a warm and comfy home,
Must now die here in this cold and rough bed and learn a lesson of my life.
Never to pass onto anything this lesson but ye, but only so made futile,
That so easy to love, so easy to give all; but so hard to get all back.
Final words, I await my only companion: Death.