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Whose mightiest glare whereof shakes my Earth upon whose tremble soars,
Marches farther into the mountain drove aloud his daintly ground asunder,
That by aligned thought her spear only so tremble this thunder mine strikes,
Climbs thereupon to whom my audience beseech found desired exchanges,
Across her descent anger at large anguished and soundly awakens the clouds,
Pierces through me as she does through the skies and climbs further more,
Inside walks and unmoved by all terror therein and slowly gazes forth at me,
Through the gates she opens; through the stairs she destroys as walks she,
And to the core envisages my haemorrhage creeping she inside forces only,
Peril hers and fined for thunder for mine unleash as deeper only can receive,
But only so and approached me her only eyes tears that flood in my chamber,
Enraged and shouted that would cause as though my own collapse ensue,
That her mouth ought to tear with all features there about and only crumble,
For to ask a smile is to ask for only a resolute conclusion to this vile storm,
Whence parted may only the sun shine lift that on her brow does justly lift,
And sighs, as that the final wind to utter Nature’s last words ere reprieved,
For ought to never sound grasp there aloud astonish her calling vanquish,
That redeems and forwards her head only bowed slightly as rain only falls,
Drops her spear and shatters as shattered as she hers paralysed grief ere,
Rise; for am to only be on the floor for only mistake of loving ye so bare,
But tells ye so fair that cannot I my heart dictate what love and who love so,
Takes thy hand and so cold and pale; and lifts thee upon my eyes widen hears,
Walks together and dispute only silently resolved hears only our steps widen,
But why; why am I only the most depressed to have loved and be loved by ye?
And sinks into the ocean that my own tears consume me what fare performed,
That so as to reach Happiness our Land, and requires only his trustee sailor:
You. That I shall seek ye to accompany us to that Land where we shall live,
And ended up mine what strength ye have to guide me as fallen as myself linger,
For to hate is only to hate myself; and to love is only to give myself upon ye,
Brings us closer as from this mountain of hate descended, the storm so calm;
Only changed, temporarily; but only for what I know now ought be for better,
Crafts my heart once more with all fragments across the Universe scattered,
Where she tearfully finds all her own sight flooded; but only continues for us,
Whereof! These fields that suck the hate out of me and respire love into the air,
They only are my only cure to loneliness sentenced not even due process permits,
That swims and smiles that anchors and dives through the ocean our ship awaits,
And sleeps ashore for us depart,
As we depart, bestows this first kiss upon ye that we may make our first forever.