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Through the darkness and back stare they dance,
Death spawns and the life through all therein retreat,
Giving the darkness the last breath of life ere converted,
And by that greeted sorrow and eyes for mine betrayed,
Sent by they through this thin air unto mine breath halt,
Alack this blood congeal; alack this heart faintly halt,
Yet am alive still though these maggots deny and contradict,
From my feet they dwell; hoisted upwards by these Dead,
Exposing themselves their skeletal remains animated,
Fairest lady, what have you brought this world to me thence?
And erewhile said this heaven fine bespoke, yet wherein?
This pain grows; this pleasure grows. Am bloated, yet so alive;
So can be, love, yet no ascension to this greater place than ours;
So permit me this flesh I wound and separate from ye; and learn:
That these remains of mine dispersed in me as bled this wave,
Aghast this flight and grieve this fate welcomed herein through mine;
Who these beings, that tear the flesh from they and mine; resolved or no:
Greatly and their pride inhibit: their laugh and joyous solitude from this;
So for my own bones embrace and their offspring tenderly rolling therein,
Let this flesh depart then, and shall fulfil your duty as a humbler servant,
Of course, my dear love; and serve thy new God in wondrous harmony,
And never from me to the light left; never had been assumed this again.
Change, and why so fair while am almost without flesh?
Through this am only the illusion greater, am changed only in the mind;
Greater this, no! This shadow of mine made the light the envy of our world;
As they congregate around me and my flesh discard exposed before me,
Greeted with laughter that shriek even the banshee through the loudness;
Paced through my encircled tone, can no longer speak properly but laugh.
That this world descend to triumphant defeat against Her, and fairer no more;
She approaches with flesh decay and smiles wrecking the flesh there;
This blood of mine to taste made the God a better all,
Meanwhile our love undoubted better through none at all,
And so join me in Death and pleasure abound,
With this pain never existing, but only numbed;
Aligned by yours in me, none may complain,
As the screams fade into darkness, my hearing devoid;
Darkness or no, this is nothing; am confided to ignorance in bliss;
That my eyes gauged for good, for this horridness never I saw,
And through this fainted she upon mine as her blood spent;
Reawaken soon, but live yet again in me as we together enjoy,
As the two departed held by He, the Fairest lady none unto his arms;
Dragged through this fire into darkness and upon the gate stood;
Made solemn announcement bid farewell ere this Death conclude.