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She wanders round ere flies above her wings apart sounds the faintest for all her loneliness darts. Grieves the passing of wind and sun to foray there: none the sight but of trees whose leaves only fared. Once that chime they blessed the nests whom upon sat The greatest of her cares that bring all joy hither. ‘Tis new life given for another the sun risen thus. Gestures again the feathers that dusts the old, and old; Brings thee the charm but slowly whence blood that boil ere heat soar for children be food but threaten there at bay. Grasps the last of all she may the sound that seeps in;- none but the bird alone to save her kind; none the saplings victim be of utmost loss that grieves unto the bed ye Earth that sunder burns in all leaves that fade greater. Shunned mine for all less and finely sounds a weeping mourn. Again loses, but none neither her way can dissipate fate. Once more at the broke weeps a final mourning and feathers again that flatter the eyes y’Nature.
Tighten as they swing way for parting there; her nest that flows at the stream slowly falls away and all round her as trees collapse into the broke and mourn once more. As more her kind vanishes, as more the burden thus we breed and call it progress. Alas here but Nature withhold this hatred but continues to love for all the cycle growth effect; justly gathers all cut and destroyed soon be fed into the mouth of her broke for all her teeth shattered and charred in blood of all critters innocent once they walk. Once they walk and now in the past but ghost; soon but once walked shall again seep into her bosom.

Sees this, tears that jewel her the bird’s eyes. For value more in diamonds fell and river that streamed platinum delivering a sun that weeps in tears dissolved in her heat. Alas, alas, alas; for cries more and sinks into the greatest sorrow that summons the rain for Nature clouds the pouring sun whose heat reign a fire down unto the shattered Earth as stars bleed a dust coagulated and none once congealed gestures towards the bird for all hope not soon lost but of our hands at hands of ours so be it we sat at Her seat and call it a dignified surrender to all she breathes. So once we inhale the last breath of Nature, so shall Man and all exhale a sigh of weeping sadness that saps all life from the roots; that replaces them with His inventions called ye the poisons called ye by their Science and again progress made. Soon wanders more the bird and finds the tallest buildings standing round as more her babes shot for all sport. Soon weeps a heart that flies closer to the sun ere burns; closer to Man that she shall fail her life for sport her death be relished as their abominable entertainment.

Once their guffaws, screams and cheers fade the storm that crowns Himself argues with Nature for all Humanity this breed be cease; and summons the hurricane and all anger through the land. That with more her Nature’s tears that soak the eyes of bird and Man. Finds himself alone before the marriage of Nature and He that with eyes shaking points at what crime committed by the beings whom no lesser nor greater fathom the same for survival ours. Alas, points more at the bird that wanders. Grieves more for hasten that since Original Sin had not His creations learnt from their ways to seek not the fruit of Nature and Reasons laid; but know their instincts; knew their consequences but never faltered to walk past His line. Now walks across the river to take the bird and call it a token of appreciation. Appreciate these storms, wherefore we breathe an acid of poison that sounds the bird’s croaking for all feathers unmade in her soon stuck to another; let lone she was already preserved. That we preserve not ourselves but in memory our actions for posterity to be born here with tears with loud cry as sins from father to son; mother to daughter and forth shall continue to pass. But never the wiser knew what once was did animal come to attempt human resolve; nor human attempt his own. Shall soon fade away into the darkness while the lonely sapling which fed the nest soon decays into the rose that tears the petals that fall onto a dry Earth where soon the ice that part tear through her eternal beauty and flood with ever the more water than Reason allow; grieves more for tears there that frozen in anguish gifts the world a mere vision of its lack of remorse. Gifts the world more for all that pass; and soon fades underwater while all once thought to be had naught to be.

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