Home ยป Underwater sanctum

Awoken these shores distant where wind soars seas wept,
Fairly found only gazed whether aside through the ocean,
Descended and found worlds greater.

Soundly, made through ultimate blue hither forth reveal,
Whence lie; all matter lived wherewith short sight frail,
Closes my eyes as enjoyed step wrought.

Aside hopping through hardy stone and crunchy coral,
That the smallest crab traverse only so surreptitious, lo:
That eel whose slithers through mine gaze my sight caught,
Could only so freely thrive in this great expanse, how vast, ah..
But linger that I would not enjoy all life here, only so used above,
Aloud and clear swam above and saw the world Her light shimmers,
Kisses me with her sunshine upon mine looked and smiles gracefully,
Baptises me in her waters thus I swim and bow mine head in response erst,
Permission kept word upon Hers bestowed that to deliver world below,
Sank deep into the ocean once more and all the fishes tickled and swam,
Congregates around me as jolty the waves state my condition swept,
And swam farther up to my small vessel and looked yonder dolphins swam,
Whose smiles and gestures vocal and physical made my heart part,
And all dancing gave proof of day what wonders Nature had bequeathed.

For when sailing through all oceans and thence to dock,
Shall bade farewell these great creatures from their worlds,
Into my world enter and message deliver:

What worlds discovered, what overlook ere deliberated,
Tells thee, Leader, what enjoyed and be preserved first,
To preserve them is only to preserve us whole.

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