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Imbues myself with fairer shine, whose smouldering eyes set sail,
Adorns my skin deep his tender words offered does shiver me make,
That burns there for common man extinguish yet I not my heart charred,
Though beating and only so closer this flame aroused my soul is razed,
And climbs with you through Everest where bitter cold never conceal us,
Tells you what closer we are; thy demon inside kept me from sleep erelong,
That for our skins to touch shall erupt all inside whence whereof I bleed,
Brings me to conclusion last how much longer I can stay without burning,
For my heart is ashes that scatter through day and night but soundly weeps,
For Conscience guide me a better woman what love grants me purpose better,
Men all and so bear to listen, where only my cause is firm and Just in you,
That shall you die would still feel thy presence in me, thy calling ever heard,
That for I to call you by thy name shall I stay in you for as long ere possible ceased,
Grants for the acquainted warmth my heart resounds wholly exist for Thee,
That man lives alone but no man ever wishes to die alone, am only here: motion;
For all born in the hearts of our families compounded, so pity in solitude reserved,
Can be together only away from others and Happiness envy us to breakage, fore;
Sings as every family their own civilisation are, enlightens us both therein resolve,
Though my lover what known, can only made possible finer dearer fair mine upon.
Lost. We’re lost. We know not our own fire that had brought us but also destroy,
Though only so that the waves of all seas had swept us to distance ashore,
For escape and longing sorrow this strength does give, stood to save;
Though doused, only so beating as what consumes you detracts us since,
For my heart bursts for the first time as yours weeps and molten soaks on mine,
Thy living breath only a shadow of death and sings to me my call beckoned,
Sees you motionless and emotion unobserved that all hope only washed away,
For I alone atop this lonely rock saw you thereupon and climbed as only so,
That our amour and all to achieve had failed, but my heart only so lasting,
These tears wrought not for this failure but what we had to begin with, now lost;
Only Nature takes toll upon this and sees wreckage all around as do my heart,
Watches you faint and only mime thy words for I only to interpret,
For many a day am only a better person than I was to overcome you and this,
So that to dream of Thee is to relive what we had in Life.