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Casts my darkness lingers through gaze’s blind,
That my utter evil fine undress a fairer sight,
Astound by presence there what cares disallow,
Yonder breach bless the evening my curtains close,
Although seen and yet perform ere my hour drawn,
Presents fair feats in mating stood, of what gown shone,
Wilts aback, breath still, light fades in myriad clause avow,
Mine on avarice mistook this green that feigns once withstood,
That for the greater sire brings me forth closer to you,
And looks beyond her hand swiftly steeps amid my call hither,
For if were to be liquid and her stone upon mine hit shall ripple,
Through my ocean wept in this rain withheld my heart swept,
And kissed, her head bowed with tears effect this rain us upon,
Though unmoved, and comforted her upon their sights met,
And walked her legs near trembled and befallen onto Earth shook,
Sounded his name whose anger roused through wind unobscured,
Calmly stood she listened well her faults imbued his heart of hate,
And concluded he for no apologise wrought for reconcile,
Disproves of all around them, and gasps for all air and heat contained,
Carried his lover whose energy spent and lay as stone cold and lay,
For his own too soon and made for ground alight howls her name,
Buried into darkness and in his clutches lay that consumed her light,
Utterly destroyed that razes her charm but beauty untouched,
Slowly sleeps in his arms as tightly grew his grip did pith,
That fossilises them in stone ought through crushing them as though,
Dares upon hers soundly cries as all in their eyes soundly slept,
Stood that the two in one feigned their darkest tempts aloud crept,
Ere darkness stood walks with her through fire as fallen he to his,
That creeps into my eyes fairer sight stood mine Earth consumed,
And mud through ours loused hither stood and pulled me further,
Crawled as arms bled through mine eyes finally gauged so hers seen,
That of my tongue pulled as tape and cut middle-through where pain laughs,
Gives time her daily allowance my pity cry, and motions to her unseen.

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