Home ยป Silent tempest

Whereat my tempest stayed through hence exhaust,
Beats lingered upon mine that shock my frown depart,
Long since when ghastly tail struck my days cease,
For mine at large this night surrounds this mountain there,
Though may not seem this shall fall awry,
Only before my leaves wither and my bark sufficed ere cut,
Sings to me this Nature mine from whence my Conscience lay,
Solely downed by sounding drums from skies above this grew,
Whose own Produce beckoned mine yet vain move whilst covered,
May suffice my wilting leaves their rain respite deserve of what known,
Atop there a nest lay and birds fly and feed their young as rain continues,
Warmth and shelter in me as the newly-hatched tweet and reach for food,
Yet my food only the water above, that hastily descends upon me,
Where shall this rain besought shall I traverse through the mud as well,
While the fertile soil daren’t touch I for mine so fed am only so and so,
So when sunshine rises my task complete;
For all the world to know that my being here not in vain but hourly wept,
Since gain in my roots imprisons me in the chains of my leaves at Nature’s will,
Concludes yet not my lack of place but obligation of what ought I fulfill,
Necessary as my bark ages and longing ere be cut and all birds flown,
For many of my friends and family gone for years and centuries,
Only so alone in this decrepit forest that my time only so slow and pained,
Lands onto the Earth as buried in sound for mine in last disdained,
As branches hurried and storm thunders yet, but mine last heard yet,
That for my silent and deep protest against ye to strike me dead,
Shall soon live as I yet and know what trouble ere be landed here,
And darkens hither, my final breath soon kept;
For mine deceased; for mine be my utter living.