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There only feigns this lightning shook, that upon Her brow shook,
Smiles through entirety what flower possessed yet mine only brief,
Slowly the petals whereof only so vivid can conjure this like upon there,
Whose blooming made mine ripe upon Her gaze ever aloud,
Approaches and feels of the flower offered I; yet not all flowers bloom,
Am only a rose so fair that to be touched is to be bled first; though whereso?
Can my red petals feign my blood upon which thy blood there disperse,
That of my sounding light whence this night fair achieved so you wake,
Aligns my grief upon her eyes mine that sight upon her own supple breast,
So only made purpose was found allowed our concerned action wrought;
Made companion of hers upon my fair in light her wondrous skin,
Beknownst that her friends only within my grasp had embraced me, gone;
Though her, knowing my bulge and how far it extends, would she resist?
To afford her all the wealth and health of a Goddess endowed within,
To her perfection I observe and shall mould and feel the presence in me,
That at my mansion held her hand and smirked,  lay upon my breast gazed,
Shall make her the most powerful woman alive, and above all the wealthiest,
Trust in my saying and my deeds perform; trust in me and so willing procure,
Whom lay forth not my door yet somewhere and followed me hither towards,
Wherein my darkening gaze the light fade, my red lips only so bare exposed,
So ready and fine to touch upon her skin and feast divine, yet not in haste,
For I am only as a God to endow her my bride in this life and the next,
For I create and never produce; and though seen does scream upon my work,
Unmasks myself and laughs as held her close, now knowing who I really am,
Ere my hand be reached into her and felt her river streaming forth, gushing;
Sighs in relief of hers transpire my hand ever steady in my bed before them,
Alas so painful to convince, finally wept and turned; embrace herself within,
Where slowly she erupts in ecstasy at my deathly touch into her lively self,
That endows upon my brow her lasting kiss myself resolved, and so better;
Creases through my lungs my breath withheld and urge her so pronounced,
Where knowing and our ambition resolved, my conversion finally complete;
Will finally enslave her and assist through my work complete and disguise,
And bring more of both men and women to my lair whence their ignorance stood,
Sigh in their relief of my kiss there and my slave whom pleasures greatly,
At their finest hour near their climax my rose only spread through fealty disdained,
Gowns my bed more red than the red that covers me upon which I taste greedily,
How fine upon my bodies breath still, and continue my pleasure as time beheld,
Her watching and smiling as I penetrate, while kissing me of what ever laid there,
That all the best in all I’ve embraced shall integrate into my endearing slave, my Goddess;
Better than all models; for her to be the envy of Venus once we bleed for ours conceive,
Produces her child that ill condition agrees the lives our produce does undertake,
Made the man make the finer successor of mine and continue my Earthly work desired,
Contrary shall serve me while I and my own kind complete and enjoy what we have,
So that before the world where I step, and all in the media am conspired ere described,
Read and seen; laughed and smiled; that my presence known and in darkness crawls,
To cage all who enter my domain and grasp; for all mine desire my carnal pleasure produce,
Sings the life of my own this flesh I desire once lay that confounds the minds of many who read,
That my lasting legacy breed fear into those who seek not I but my vain destruction.
For I live, and to die is only to live again and to serve in Paradise erelong.

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