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That those stars upon they shine darkness enshroud ever awhile,
Yet sober and calm in harmony Just,
Longing, and adornment of their Establishment through hither gaze,
Casts my soul through their light forth,
Shall be sought and touched, only erelong behind my touch arrest,
And gives my own envy of mine alone,
That of the planets sole create, what eyes these stars ere mentioned,
Harmony; for only Harmony Nature prolongs,
Pleases me the night in the sky of abyss, upon Her shining light do expire,
That of Her palpable Globe that shines in my Heart,
Mine of the subtly that glows only in the slow, night sky whereforth I rise,
Where endeared, only unmoved her motion last behest,
Lasting satiate my glow on Hers through tender thoughts ill conceived,
Beseeches all stars upon Hers our Mother tranquil say:
Only my children the Harmony through that appear; and live of illusion fare,
By decree only so swell as my own Heart does to swell,
That of my burning Rage that Life perish not my intention ere, but Nature’s;
Or given effect my liking of heat and warmth conducive,
Brings me the belated solemnity of our stars slowly fall my darkness wry,
Sings of my own defeat this darkness way paves,
That of my pillars rot and decay, where fined my own tears extinguish, pity;
Never thought to stop and weep, for mine relieved,
That of thy presence do sing in my heart as dearly shine my great’st companion,
Whereso step my gaze defeat, so confront me here,
That of thy recalcitrant being spread my wings on Thee only eclipsed there,
Answers my call hither and face me my fiery glare,
Whose anger dare to strike, though forgiven upon this chance only fare,
Shall bring my heart to noble rest upon thy breast,
So fair and awake my darling Sunshine what wept in vain attempt bespoke erewhile,
So send Venus and Mercury towards me: collide, destroy, hurt me; so deserved,
Gowns me in my own doing that cast Thee from my sight awhile,
That linger in my heart though broken only so strong to speak my last:
So speak, and glow before me but never alast,
Can not grow but only glow my core in breach with thy warmth in me,
So speak of the harmony that once existed,
Us moved, our motion what kept us at bay; only concealing ye,
Ought we be at motion, though can always meet again for our daily ritual?
Always, and so we part for now; but mine never to leave ye forever,
For we are together always and orbiting parallel to each other,
As love dances, so shall we; and free the entrails of our sorrow depart,
That of our sunshine bring the light to others,
That of thy glow bring the night only subtle the light withstood there looked,
Through every farm and house; or bank and mall,
Sees the fair shine light while contrary I endow myself there towards,
Finds upon thy breast erelong sleeping, and supple to my touch and tender,
That of our gaze at the Moon and Sun awakens ye for such a sight,
What eclipse had brought upon our world ere only Just whence part they,
Shimmers the water upon my glass half full and drunken through thine conceived,
Gives my presence at thy full lips my only sight for beauty in justly prose,
That never parting our fairer gain observed,
Honestly can never seek that future of ours depart, only pleasuring you, always;
Sounds the night sky upon their greatest presence,
Believes in my words to You my fair Lady, and upon thy Neck our bodies agglutinate,
So this warmth provided our feet never colder than night,
Shall sleep in our Earthly eclipse besought our finest Happiness well supported,
Sung the day so well of our patterns shaped than whether drew,
Closes my eyes you atop our lasting kiss give birth to another day until our energy spent,
Slowly walks through the stony road, and all the Universe with it.

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