Wind’s change

My dear love of everlasting joy, read:
For this you read the first and last whereof;
And answering your question many times
I enquire diligent as to the nature thereof,
Ya see, that asking whether I love you so,
Yet many times you’ve asked and smiled;
Yet expect none from me apart from this: Read More

Days gone by

When living over the sea,
Perhaps only hear and gloat;
Longing for desired fulfilment,
His heart never begins to shaken;

The only buds begin to cry,
His own strife begins so rife!
A longing for home contrives,
But only never can cease describe.

Only then would mornings be afternoons;
Only then would midday be midnight;
And the snow that touches the rain,
So clearly be the days gone by.

Angles, etc

You say that in geometry the angles so equal be are always what they are;
But indeed logic dictates the equality of which renowned forsakes otherwise;
In its alignment thereof, there exists two compromises: Read More

At the bar

A bartender appears out of nowhere in a bar and asks the lady for a drink;
The drink the lady asked for in the bar elsewhere was refused by the bartender:
How long ago? Not so long ago.
In this, the lady never enjoyed the company of her friends because of this matter;
Thus, history be history and wherefore the lady was without chance of success. Read More

Bereft but fought

At a discourse so far I wait at heart,
Living senses only through temperance,
Thereof am resolved half the man I was,
Should gratitude be at my peril last,
Mine own sustenance be my own desire,
Should the wolf summon me my presence here,
I’m but absent as though darkness endowed;
Upon death am no longer yet time shuns,
Ignorant and reviled the cold art wins,
Peril long last my discomfort retained.

Days that weep heart mine

What finest hour grasped within,
Better chance forthwith endows;
Alas kept paths split better,
Wonder round this isle forsake,
Only waves comfort my last;
Sounds so calm in unison;
Theirs of virtue that I lack:
Made this lasting scorn resolved,
For this am worthy of none,
Deserving of disrespect;
Dire for welcomed Death behold. Read More

Soothing night

It is a soothing night that enjoys our company,
Notice here our bonds are those of the night,
As we hibernate for a deepening slumber,
Upon this bed beckoning forth a fresh beginning,
Yet I see in thy face that uncertainty is aroused; Read More

For I leapt

For I leapt into your arms under this our shining light,
Gave proof through the night thy shining glare hence despair;
That slowly the tears upon mine grant the gaunt our love forbear,
While the life of us grow as leaves and whole; mine of smaller petals to and fro,
So I saw the entrances in you and beyond and realised fully the magnificence of thine, Read More

Writ of Love

Write these words; for they shall be the last of mine before I die:
I envy you, yet I love you more; and now we together erelong not,
Though it is a shame we could have lived a happier life as one, truly;
I was wrong to have wronged you than I have wronged myself. Read More

Mighty oak

A brilliant wind at once enraptured me,
So freely did it turn round and fared way,
Breathes again was I now wandering there,
At the heart of the abandoned oak but tall,
Encircling round as I observe a splendour,
Through storm and sun, mighty is ye defying,
Nor fleeing and thus stationary whilst I try; Read More