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Give beauty the sunshine day that transpiring light dares exhaust,
Mine observed, this fair warmth upon my nose sniffs the air:
Where those lavenders enjoy soothing respite ere blooming through,
While in jest, and so dance; for only hither approach their yonder blue,
Casts their pollen unto me and so pollinate that I may for my produce,
Listens well of my call, as young and old gather around me all pleasant,
Though only so silent but a buzz, am fair in gaze as sunshine beats about,
While busy at work, and enjoy the taste of this nectar produced hither,
That by the rise of our Moon do I take daily rest whence energy suffice,
Lack my own resolve, whose grain of sand through the air bustles gentle,
And how wondrous our catering aloud my darling Queen whom awakes,
And nourished though encouraged, and made proper our honey thine,
That shall mine at Her behest through none but mine offer hers beset,
Enjoyed whither, shall dream of the land flowing milk and honey there,
Where our Happiness met upon our tender touch transform, and soothe;
That shall in our dying breath once more tell another tale ere be stung.