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The days are so quiet with by my side ye, yet so warm;
Whether ye or day, matters not for am only so comforted,
When shifts there our broken sun ere shine that rays disperse,
Whose tranquil light soothe me faint abridged emotions through;
Calmly, yet so quietly feats of woe upon my brow caress thy heart,
Though wounded, fealty upon soul whose mortal stare gowns thee,
And yawns new life into our room through heaven’s herein envy,
Past the sake of sunshine set while upon mine set upon thine bestowed,
Asks me whither from hence depart; asks what light dare taken us thence;
Knew not, that to be here in thy arms, though only great chance endowed,
Told thee what steps taken ere be here; though what time sympathise so,
And known have this upon thy wrist daring watch reflects my gaze thereupon,
Besot for my heart sinks in my own tears that shall sink me into my own blood,
That of my own misfortunes arise, what life treated me here, only so broken,
My breathing on thy chest and told thee what love had brought us together,
We surrender Love and Venus both; our causes just as real as altogether,
Or us beckoned apart, by what wealth do we possess for only a dark stroke,
Perhaps am only in envy; but seeing you in thy great circles, what am I then?
Nay, am not innovative: am only Human; my hand is only so creative, sir;
For all I do is to write this to you and please; but what words offered may move?
At final recompense this sigh received, paused and smile to look. I smile;-
Describes the man not from his image but his interior where diamonds lay,
Only to love you as our own, never allow us depart for their words only wind,
Though I won’t lie, what times there are; this may be the last we may ever have.
To tell thee that I regret being rich; and wish I just lived a happy life with thee,
Alas, what a world; for mine avow better happy and content than rich and sad,
Preserved, and face the day with stalwart heart and all that transpires henceforth,
That shall soon influence the better days for us together, for us only happier,
Wrests control lesser upon my heart and yours, shall motion us to daylight appear.

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