Home ยป Love for thine

Look above you; neither sky nor ceiling albeit comfort retained,
About our hands mine feel faint wind wherewith softness avow,
To express solemn desire with deep surreality of my own depiction,
How so that am part in Nature’s way: whose harmed thoughts creased?
At long last who’s most content ere the night awakens hither walked hence,
Mine eyes only caves inward the abyss forgo; the voice charms. It echoes.
So to close these my own feigned amerisms contrive; how solute into thee?
For dare they plunge their feeble foes far into my life; whence I afford not,
Presently sound, and past the broke in the river follow through and hear;
As guided mine through theirs guided near; solemn sobriety drink not thine,
Let of mine this sun reflect yet not mine endowed promise this curse therein,
Paddles near and envied of I for I unto he; softly spoken the willows blow,
From henceward fare; and smiles while his journey continues forever on.