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Kindred love, my passion fined through wry nutrition here,
Lasting Happiness thy presence nearer to me, my heart sighs,
Forgotten though, this neck only dry but for thee requires ye,
As waves of my blood pour forth the ocean wept, sunset amid;
That upon thy touch, like no touch other; what magic possessed,
Only entrapped within thy arms as more we embrace time flows,
Pasts the grain of sand upon our feet Equals leapt into my bosom,
That each star sprinkles that soul once lost into our hearts erelong,
And tears that rain kept, so releases as my own fall intrepidly,
Not thee? Nay; for my own eyes blinded and tricked, for I longed,
As smiles through us oblivious by thine degree this breathing procured,
This gratitude that you’re near me makes me more the happier than thee.