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A time ago, it was the casket there I was;
Once found and breathed from linen ere silk,
A lasting sun that dawned upon life sought,
Truly, was not for mine but all life and thine;
A fair gaze into all made the happiest all the more,
And that whose sanity shall be breved? None, so so;
If given the vial that contains mine only secret, fall;
As none that I yearn to give unto the world as late;
For many a world has yet to give unto me the secrets
That continue for mine existence here, lest be silent;
To tell the world what knowledge I have ere being here
Pronounces a resolution greater for all journeys pass,
Finds a way to cut the cord upon which I knew limited me,
Crawls first but soon walks and better far runs in haste,
Where I shall explore the wanders of the world and contrary;
That once I look behind, all the stars and planets before me
Had already descended into the darkness called space,
Effected a thought from me all what great artefacts beheld
Had made heart of mine the cheetah of mine own conscience;
So that upon my return I offer more stories to tell,
So that upon my return every word is the spark of a new smile.