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Unsure how to proceed, this hand burnt by touch thine;
Fire from my heat erupts the blood within satiates thee,
No trembling cold nor ice can ease the rage in me,
Wherein, such of my envy be equals longness lost about,
Whose faintest cheer my eyes scar the sirens about them,
Whistles my name, hither approach I; and sooner awake,
That shown in thee darkest desires thine these creatures born,
So fair yet promising of what pleasures offered, alas so few mine,
Only wanted this pleasure of knowing you, but cast me aside wherefore;
Wrath can only be my food for Justice; and Justice my sole cause for Liberty,
Though swift, I’d rather see the death in you through all minds purged of thee,
So symbols wrought this desolate tempest ought to bear, my proof complete,
So carry my message that all to know the evils you have committed,
Yet so how; where am only in chains in this prison and undergone torture,
That so freely offer paradise to those who accept as authority ye: never!
Rather I to eat myself than to eat of your produce; pain and suffering endure,
Darkness mourns at my presence; that spread through veins thine as I crawl,
Touch upon thy fruit tear be teeth mine and at its seed crush am pleasured,
So to laugh at thee what ought be done: thy throne replace, thy order displace;
To grow thy horns where shall I upon the horns disperse of mine:
Wherein grown? Am not hurt, for all man’s progress so shall I equal mine,
To look there smiles upon mine, tis ye envied; and upon You, mountains crushed,
For as were, my own hands are only the stones that carry the flesh;
That the tree barks at thee for;- at last withers that gazed, pity… pity,
And announce at the location my tactile writ – wrought success esteemed;
How I hate you upon thy throne; come down upon thy seat and face me,
So not to hate me, for am still alive; for if hated, then I would die at thy feet,
For I to call ye, would force thee to obey my command and mine alone disperse
Thy angels that foul their wings through fires engulfed their wrath bestowed.

Am still here and breathing; and gazed upon this humanity and all Nature,
Can one fall; though fallen, be the sighted token for immortality unbeknownst to mine?
And none common mind nor presence ere thought; though motioned enlighten:
Who, and who rational; though mad: creates that being upon thy throne, who placed ye?
Did I ask myself to serve ye? Why was I born to fight for Liberty while ye to oppose?
That faintly cry, and where suffering invoked; where ducks congregate around Kaaba,
To seek thy paradise ere resolved; but only paradise painted with the blood poured by wine thine,
So bitter the taste, alas manifested in ye this cruel oversight knights the kings and queens there;
That all in memory of ye erased, only erases ye for none to exist but thine,
Therefore, am only the god of my own god; my own religion of my own Conscience decreed,
That of the Fraternal bonds avowed, so is thine deflated to my smallest cell,
And imprison ye in my own prison; as ye have imprisoned Conscience and Reason in Her own cell,
And made ought not fairer believe, that this Justice brought had been element for paradise,
Feared of all humans bred; that shall they create their own paradise for thine replace,
For theirs lost upon thine; that envy sued for self-establishment for only thy peers embrace,
What fear, for the common man to read the bible, torah or koran and read thy words different,
So speak the single voice; so adapt a concrete approach then, if thy personality makes!
All they speak of me as evil and traitorous; at least they speak truthfully of me, not ye,
What evil? To overthrow a king, no different than to overthrow the puppeteer thereof,
Alack; Conscience clear and resolved that to reach ye requires us to reach ourselves first,
So that actors can claim themselves to be descended from ye; and declare themselves messengers,
So that we can do much the same; are we equal not? That shall we be the new Gods of the Universe;
Who taught me to write this, for I mine to write; for I reader hearken and read forever read,
Through these depictions just; that no image of thee could ever be represented, no wonder;
As-is: for thy intentions never truly just and firm, but at least mine are only as just and firm as there,
Thy presence lewd and purile to the greatest of all minds; rather I worship Reason than ye,
To laugh at how small became of ye, as more of thy produce ere Freed, and disappear into abyss.

Breaches through thy palace beheld; to die and seek thy forgiveness; though wise, prescience deceived;
What power there? What dialogue conceived; that to have known this to happen, who created them?
Our minds resolved; for ye exist not but only as a fascination of Conscience ours,
For us to die, is for ye to die with us; that the soils we become; the soils thy produce ate,
For not to cry nor tear; trembling hands never effect nor emerge from blood alone,
Pity thy silence, never spoken; to have only taken over the minds of others;
And command thy to brand those who seek Fraternity and their Gods own, as heretics ere;
Though now, Humanity their own Fraternity; and the World our very Temple for Reason,
Our Conscience thus our Religion; our Actions our Tribute to Liberty,
Objectively all Equal; though inwardly are we in hate of thee; but grateful ye created us anyway,
So that when we reach the crossroads, we shall fire at thee hand and feet; mind and stomach;
For us no greater, and dominance over ye as god obeys the Human’s Will.

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