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Closer; hitherward am only so broken as the skies divided,
How my Liberty shared among all as Equals; alas so treated,
That those of Liberty do effect good: promising and life procure;
Theirs of foresaid, and advocate this heresy murder, and mine raped,
For I weep as I lay here my own abuse theirs complete, I weep…
None to hear me, for billions and infinite souls yell through mine ears,
But can hear not all, nor myself; am faintly seeing only the light barren,
Soothing this white noise all they yell and my life disrupted so,
Awaken here this courage preserved, stood amongst this desolation,
Cure myself of what ere happened; to cure myself is to cure others;
That I, stand fast and the few and best take heed my prescience forward,
So these heathens hurt me, yet shall not cease; for more tempted to hurt,
What worse; they preach me and beckon for I to Liberate, but only a trap,
Those who seek my Liberty and abuse me are far evil than those who seek not,
Though stronger, as we all are; am Equal to all suffered as all the rest,
To weep is to only water their plants their food desire that keeps them alive,
To fire at them and in all harms way my wrath and Security their reckoning,
So be it; two can play this game well, and am the finer player of the two,
Have they my Liberty, but only abused for they to abuse me, though stronger;
No tears more, no anger more; our course to Justice clearer than day fairer,
So extort they the wrong-doers of my Conscience preserved;
For one so dangerous given a second to live, only others minutes ere die they,
Bring pen and paper, for they are the greatest weapons that live longer than us.

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