Home ยป That asks for more

Days fairer the signalled bay upon hastened wind wrought ere;
Thence disdained this like ground then soared gazed upon mine;
Whoso walks hands poured the wine upon that drunk he aligns,
Briefs methinks the yolk of fair fine my tests in light darkens sight,
Houses for all my wonders supreme, so ignores kindly advice thine;
Oath fought esteemed alas endear avowed the spiralled peak of his,
Seen through mine, nor his or no; that lined:- my great ambition pride,
Past the fright through my fleeting ocean sunk upon my eyes doused,
Grains through shot avarice yonder bespoke this edifice extinguished,
Urge his warden bear never mine consumed; affidavit bloodily signed,
Whereto, soon key of his to my domain entrance sought, my eyes weaken,
Alas who mated, and who died for posterity because; and still gained here?
That asks of me the fruits of my own; that asks of me his blood replace,
That asks of me time rewind; that asks of me redemption ere sufficed,
Only with dagger behind, does not care about time nor redemption; alas,
Pity, for more ought; no victim coldly dry and called sings of his own,
Answered, and softly spoken Justice whose Liberty caused, and exercised.

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