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This world has bred many of those exterior light:
Where they of this light give themselves freely,
Who linger in our world, for that ignorance be bliss,
And crafted the splendours of our world, minds there:
Truly light, so innocent and good in nature; what wonders.

But, for not am I the exterior framed,
Nay, this world bred me not; but rather is Reason,
Neither the dark nor light comfort me nor scorch me,
Neither good nor bad do I face with the heart effect me does,
Shall crease the enfolds of my own soul to prove am good or bad?
Nay, am not so simple and do question what resolves this.
Our eyes human only able to see the surface, never beneath;
Though what evil lie, that to gaze further deep requires incision,
That all those bred and pronounced ‘good’ who donate their fortunes,
That all those bred and pronounced ‘bad’ utterly misunderstood,
Bad, and am evil; though just of the evilness inside me the good intake,
That shall I drink from my cup whose light shines on my face, my heart resolved;
For can to love, for I hate too; but am only human and predator in Nature,
But have not killed, nor thieved, nor raped, gambled, nor lied;
And to tell ye Reader that I am evil be the truth in me; for good is so overrated,

That what I think I ought to be forthwith;
That what I am is what not I think wrought myself to be never;
Only to love all myself and all my evil kind, and never do unto they myself;
Thought of myself to be good, that those who say they are;
Alas behind the shadows they only utter worse machinations therein,
What smile possess they? They shake hands, they make us laugh;
But where else: in that full moon they erupt themselves do transpose;
Not I, nay not been touched nor tempted; though am only human,
But they and so criticise me for being evil; and engage themselves in this:

That when given no Conscience nor Reason to, would destroy at will;
Whence law disestablished shall tear clothes apart and release trigger,
For screams hog the air and my breathing their vile once beautiful bodies charred,
Their wondrous personalities gave way, and so never the real person;
Only crafted, and bought for that fee where shall they evade capture and rife,
Only crafted, so they can never reveal themselves all the same;
But until they find a trustee, and draw them into their lair do transform themselves,
Henceward, makes no attempt to spare;
Intentions all, and so effected do they expose;
Upon their conclusions of the said, shall equip their suit of modesty,
Shall then skin themselves with the artificial edifice and walk away,
That none ever to realise what became of them in that night; nor what so their victims experienced,
The man outside, only the beast inside; only this predator unmatched,
Though am only the beast exterior, but thus truly the man inside;

Though cold am I exterior, only wants a warming fire to melt me,
Yet am criticised and attacked for who I am, but only am human;
To be defined the evil one, yet what experience this; why, am only!
And slowly do I pass into shadows known to them as evil, not knowing me inside;
And slowly do they pass into shadows whom others thought good and aspiring;
Yet, where are the crimes? Mine not, yet theirs?
If good were a crime, then let evil be that good to which no disguise ever be the crime;
And in our mazed World how fine it is for they to walk out hereof to aspire to this evil,
Nay, it’s abominable: they are your co-workers, comedians or doctors;
But deeply look, lo! Does thy heart tingle when you care about others?
And in the mirror see, do you seek love in its most pure form: to love without condition?
And what thorn on my heart does weep in despair that shall this pain consume me,
With no one to tend to my wounds, that I shall be left to die in this miserable world;
Yet all those victims who’ve been hurt by those once called good, and soon called disgraced, ‘evil’:
Would have comforted them, yet our mystery unresolved is,
For never we’re to understand one another; and always be a mystery.

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