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He calls them Human to He cascade,
Goads them to that which he Forbade;
Upon their consumption, shall theirs none;
Knowingly thus and Thus He Knowing gone
Made wretches of Himself wreathes a way,
Casts his voice into silence forever decay,
Tears the flesh from Himself as He thwart,
Grieves another; calls them unto His port,
That banishes They from hence unto Earth,
That soils upon from which ate lost hearth,
For weep and weep their tragic, tragic loss,
Carries this Burden for no pill ere endorse,
Dispelled of cause due to justice hence beheld,
Feigned is He whose rays blind heretofore wrong;
Felt the silks of hers tender neither bore;
Alone as He for neither Mother ere dear shone,
Denounces all as demons and casts away, away;
Envy of his own creation and in He envied,
To a way just, but path be lost, alas; alas;
Lingers in the dark for a storm to reap both.