Home ยป Effect from that ye rest

Free the insights of mine own, but only deaf approach thine hither,
Dine at my bosom for mine whose milk saps the life of mine of thine,
That of whose poison sweeps, sedate this love in me my resistance struck,
At behest here, faintly word mine; and at the sight, shroud me,
Ever thought of the signed; whole in the flesh yet incomplete, so kiss;
Only lovable to this, so in death guffaw at my hastened sight, hastened sight;
Where lost, though brute only cast in me this shadow in the darkness, there;
Never seen I, nor fidelity wean in ye, this I can accept only not from others not,
So fare in me this our faint, my heart protest; the fickle heart my glory last,
Where only this eclipse in my heart this chest, so torn apart hear beating,
That of mine, so prove in our celestial abyss what love apocryphal this fealty proven,
Wherein; that may serenade in water thine may drown in tears drunk from;
That may shall would this of my drunken tale heard you I exalt in lonely premise,
Touch, for my senses lost; am only a result of ye. My throat swells, my skin darkens;
If not I, am belonging in backward. Approach me, losing this in the shroud, losing.
Gently my covers, so cover me; so that covered ye your poisoned substance absorb,
Passively retreat this darkness forth, willingly; my hand only emptied in yours reproach,
Why this in mine eclipse foreshadowed, heart bleeds at thy touch embrace of my poison faint,
That of Thee, greet so the vaccine for mine ordained as Heimdal strike this accursed bay, plead;
Fly, only fairest; that of thy presence so all ripples that tear me this tsunami formed,
Nay, am only as fraught my rage endowed as the Conscience ill provides,
Of my injured self, this in my blood congeal never clot for mine hastened depart of me,
Where this sun rises, mine ought infuscate; the galenite effected.
Whereby am at thy own, this mirror ought itself perfectly repair,
Motion me that of the splendour in ye once thought, that by sunset mine to decay,
For I to sue for thy love, only made the whole of mine therein: in my life and Thee,
Slowly do I pass, unknowing ever touch and trust; none fair to exhilarate us both;
For when our worlds fall, ours combined yet to rise; and of the death of light thy life to rise,
That of our horror never beheld and virtually blinded where cast our own light,
Better the light; give me light, give me you. I hunger for your presence once more,
Ere I die, so that in the foundry of my entrails shall meet ye there and watch over ye:
Mine lost but never lost in Thee.