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It’s a fine morning, the day cool and the wind thin,
As walking effected, my face would soon like glass break,
Though am whole and indeed impenetrable;
Moreso of my limit that Nature’s coquetry best defined,
Sounds this fair upon my heart ought be not content regained,
Thenceward go yonder for the congregation yet mighty glow,
Belay the insipidness, alas my hair the flag that signals forth,
Through my eyes watered that bend head mine at Nature’s behest,
That upon my flowered path whose blossomed strike had kissed me,
And lay walking through with each steps in each flower sing and bow,
Past the yolk of moon fading the sun rise in its stead; for greet me, wonder,
Faintly shone and heat curdles in my blood, greeted too this Conscience so,
Made the Reason my affidavit this fairer my subservience to Nature attest,
So that when my tears the happiness grow through the veins of Hers,
Am the lasting smile ere the light guides me forth another morning hence.