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As I look through the night,
As bright as once it should,
Lasts a sorrow that breathes,
Night was once my name hence
I lived more through than day,
For once my life is spent, is spent;
I shall make a wish to my beloved:
Spend days thine in silence and awaken,
There slept and the rising wight unmade;
Grief is mine, and shone is grief but;
Long I have distant myself from thee,
Sooner weeps in the night but time none
For I have sleep to attend, and rest,
For she has left the night to weep again,
That she shall never speak with me again,
Long had I longed for her words, alas
She is no longer here to comfort me,
No warmth nor fire can comfort me; no light,
Pity me, and so I pity the day once more,
The moon can only be mine only companion;
For I linger to step into the light, friend;
This light that scorches me but is too warm,
And soon again fades to the night, lest be seen;
Shadow and mine so one and all can ere be free,
Holds clearly at the dark and once so very cold,
Breathes an air soon departs that I shall depress,
Soon I depart for the next, and leaves thee behind,
Once I encounter thy companion here, there I am whole.