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As was little behind that morning glow,
Whose sole respite avowed her only smile,
Did entrust that lasting love upon whose exulted,
Continued happiness did prolong theirs align,
Accounted there our honed conscience fair,
Alas she is only made surplus without desire,
Gay and wild she only sought that in hers proven:

That of the sung spits the noble cast through eerie joy,
Haughtish glow through these eyes mine blind,
Not all fair and shape so this teeth upon hers bite fine,
That these bruises on mine of hers on mine anoint,
So likened fast feel this daring assault as hers declared,
Sounded like the hyena her dazing laughs my  anger grew,
Whence this so; that likes the reel of this timed presence,
Greets the day yawn and the evening her lasting feigned,

Their hopes awry yet stole aloud through love boded,
Sighs and moans where hers creased the skies her about,
So stormed in her wake and through rain hers descended,
That goddess no longer but for Venus her place mistook,
And through the earth wept her sole delight this blood took,
That of her prison yet built as only built her prison so,
Gives me reprieve this Reason solely garners truth thereof,
Finally in her sleep this the fate of hers which choice made,
Made dream of the happiness she lives in his beheld,
Where tears enjoy the company and her readership thrown,
Faintly slept while he stood atop and smile faintly at him up,
Amidst the beauty this disease that conjures my ugly self,
Gave the proof this redeemer ought that so lined maggots ate,
And ghastly cry and screams this towering that war held erelong,
Carved her unto the mark of this that love sorely had presented.

Though fair, and subtly in her sleep her everlasting dream went,
The tears vain justify her own grain through the sand flying by,
So ill health walks through and views them both and answers:
Where beauts sustained but mine lost yet he commanded more,
Moreso this beauty upheld but am only so of this am only illusion,
Better the world itself than in the arms of ye; whereas not this, agreed?

So that the cells of her entrails fornenst his thy testimony decreed:
Am only so human insofar that humanity allows; but am only a beast,
Only that given this made ours opacified where through not seen,
All men, not sympathise with me or so; this terror upon me this curse,
Am bade myself along this path only so where my justice is held,
So walks he into nothingness as she lays there in her wake abrupt.

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