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Walking among you, in the midst of the night,
Slowly and swiftly through the light of the moon,
Through the windows ere I look, this faint endowed,
Anger aroused, and longing sight prohibit ambition;
Am far in ye, am closer than in; closer than the light.
I am darkness and shroud around you and curdle,
Better resolute and sought this warm darkness here,
May the moon thy only light be the source of thy life,
Heartbeat heard, pacing to its rhythm and so dance;
Music in ye smiles the cherries on thy face how bloomed,
Oh, am closer this darkness suffocates the light and reaps,
For ours in haste we’re just shadows of darkness encroached,
Aye, my arms are warm; but above all so is my bed: hither;
Curdle in thy bed, see the dark night smile blindly at ye,
Embrace me and all non-lighting, banish that light from ye,
Seek warmth and I, destroy this light; thy eyes widen, yes…
Come hither, lay down; look up at me, see nothing but darkness,
I approach and closer as the light fades. I kiss you, eyes so shut:
This silence, my approach and my words final and commanded,
Submit there, this darkness thy god treats at least all equal here,
All in darkness, all enshrouded, none to see, none to be seen,
Assail the light; enjoy thyself, for am here closer in you.
Heartbeat sounds, all the sounds required for your heart;
And there in wait, lay upon bed thy side thy blood flows,
Am here, thy only friend, so kiss me and embrace me, read;
For I am the darkness and am thy only friend here every night.

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