Home ยป Herewith mine Hour

Preceded is time for allowance made,
Of being and contrary me cheating,
Spare me not the wait lest I wait,
Continuing and so fair was Nature;
Wandering through me as I walk away,
Wandering through me as I breathe here;
Gestures a wind that captures me so,
Gestures a breeze that erupts mine eyes,
Caress mine cheeks whilst I walk to thee,
Forsake my hands which tremble at thy oak;
To oblige thee, Nature; to thee made known.

I shall paint a thousand words in thy name,
For not way but a fair gain shall name ye,
Never ravage ye unlike enemies tainting,
Their regurgitate the symbol of their ways,
All that wonder for all we forsake and believe,
All the wander through thy wood and beauty,
Believe in the ways wherefrom we speak of;
Shall continue: shall posterity continue
Thy state of happiness to a seat restored,
Fair, my lady Nature, fair thine alms fair,
Breathes the pure air that ye expediate.

As ’tis mine an hour arrived that I depart,
As fine an hour whence I shall remember ye,
Nor never faint, shall not another me bestow,
Weeps not my parting for it’s not of mine late,
Whilst I stay, shall write another words few,
Grieves another parting from thee; alas, forgone,
Wandering through me as I walk through thee,
A whisper thine that shines well as I sing,
Of it all preserves hour thine once I stir,
Herewith a delicate flower waits for my words,
Herewith mine Hour truest as I depart thee.